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Applying Generative AI to Your Business

Generative AI has been on the minds of many as of late. It’s hard to not come across a personal or professional conversation where AI doesn’t come up. Every industry, business, individual is only at the beginning of their journey of understanding what it means to work alongside these emerging technologies.

What Now?

Foundation models and generative AI are having every industry leader ask themselves: what now? Is it all ‘tech hype’ or is this genuinely a technology that’ll change the world as we know it?

The reality is that these technologies are reshaping industry and revolutionizing the way we approach problem solving on a daily basis. The question should no longer be: what now, but rather, how about now? Using these technologies to elevate your business is key to remain competitive in today’s world. 

While using this technology is critical, it’s incredibly important to discern between the genuine breakthroughs and the overhyped promises of these technologies. Generative AI should be viewed as another tool in your toolbox rather than the whole picture. This means taking the time to understand its capabilities and limitations. Taking courses, reading articles, and educating your business on the practical applications of the technology should be your first go-to.

What Can be Done to Prepare?

After reading every article, listening to podcasts and earning a micro credential on the subject, companies may still be lost on where to begin in applying it to their own business.

dbSeer offers a few recommendations as starting points below:

Identify Use Cases: See what might work for your business and further explore how Generative AI can be integrated into your business processes. Whether it’s automating repetitive tasks, enhancing creativity, or improving decision-making identifying relevant use cases is essential. Copy & paste, and see what works for your company.

Data Readiness: High-quality data is the lifeblood of AI. Ensure your data is clean, well structured, and readily accessible for AI training. High quality data ensures that AI models are able to perform accurately and information delivered in an efficient manner.

Data Governance: Defining your data governance strategy is a critical step in ensuring that your business is in line with its strategic objectives. This also ensures responsible use, and a clear ethical guideline should be defined within your organization vis-à-vis these technologies.

Technical Infrastructure: Generative AI technologies can be resource-intensive so ensure your cloud capabilities and technical infrastructure are up to date in order to handle these requests.

Collaborating with relevant partners: Using programs like AWS’ Bedrock, makes interfacing with foundational models in a simple and accessible task. Working and consulting with dbSeer on how to navigate these new technologies and to ensure your data remains accessible, up to date and secure could be what takes your business to the next level. Working with external partners can help understand this new age of technology.

Generative AI has led many to wonder where business will go, and are now faced with the question of: what can we do to prepare for these new technologies? Our customers at dbSeer often turn to us to guide them in the age of emerging technologies. As a leader in analytics, data architecture and data engineering, dbSeer is the right partner to help steer your company in the right direction.  dbSeer has ten years of experience under its belt to ensure you get the results you need for your business. Inquire today, and ensure your business doesn’t lag behind.

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