Analytics Services

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Most companies and organizations need better analytics applications that enable them to gain actionable insight from their data. Using Gartner’s analytics maturity lifecycle model, we have developed a proven analytics framework for helping our clients quickly and cost-effectively expand their analytics capabilities to reach their objectives.

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Our solutions help you to leverage, optimize, and process the myriad data across your organization for proper data analysis. Our service offerings include global data consolidation, data warehousing, ETL, data access and security, and database tuning. 

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As your organization evolves, your analytics platform must continue to capture and address clear business objectives to deliver meaningful insight. With our proven analytics framework, we architect and design the most effective analytics solutions to meet your organization’s current and future needs.

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AWS Cloud Enablement

Whether you are deploying new applications in AWS, or migrating existing ones, full realization of cost savings, agility, and scalability depend on the database and analytics services selected. Choosing the right database technology can support faster changes and accelerate innovation. Scalability bottlenecks, which typically surface at the database layer, can be addressed through AWS database services.

You need a partner with deep understanding of AWS database and analytics services that can understand your business and help you through the entire cloud adoption journey. dbSeer can help.

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