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Mahyar Ghasemali

Partner / Founder

Managing Partner at dbSeer, Mahyar has leveraged his expertise in cloud architecture, business analytics, data structure optimization, and agile development to create and evolve an array of best practices, methods, and disciplines which set the high standards that ensure dbSeer delivers projects and services consistently, efficiently, and effectively to clients across industries.

Before founding dbSeer, Mahyar led software development at Telarix, where he managed a globally dispersed team building scalable, high-performance business and network applications for the telecom industry.

As Director of Development, and later Head of Professional Services at Logi Analytics, Mahyar designed and implemented SaaS-based data discovery and analytic tools, and oversaw the delivery of business analytics solutions to advertising, healthcare, telecommunications, real estate, and other industries.

Mahyar holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Azad University in Tehran.

Shawn Zargham Headshot

Shawn Zargham

Partner / Founder

Before founding dbSeer, Shawn saw how recent advances in big data, cloud, and mobile technologies are fundamentally transforming how businesses operate.

As a co-founder and CTO of Telarix, Shawn architected, developed, and deployed high performance, near real-time event processing, analytics, and optimization solutions, honing his expertise at leveraging advanced technologies to solve high impact business problems. Telarix solutions are now deployed at 7 of the top 10 international carriers worldwide.

Shawn’s success at building large-scale, industrial systems and his work in the research faculty at Yale University has made him an avid fan of distributed architectures.

Shawn obtained his BS from Iowa State University and his PhD from Cornell University.

Jalpa Ramwani Headshot

Jalpa Ramwani


An accomplished engineer and data architect, Jalpa guides and leads cross functional teams of architects, designers, developers, and consultants, helping our clients build, manage, and transform enterprise data services and applications.

At the National Education Association, Jalpa led rollouts of multiple enterprise applications and assisted in the RFP and evaluation phase for their mission critical membership application. As the Development Director at Telarix, Jalpa managed multiple development and customization teams, overseeing the software development platform team that handled batch processing, performance benchmarking, product installations, upgrades, and data warehouse modules. Additionally, she helped establish a production engineering team that managed client operations and deployments.

Jalpa earned her bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Gujarat University in India and a master’s degree in Computer Science from University of Southern California.

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