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Data Engineering

Water, water everywhere – and not a drop to drink? Relational Data, Big Data, Structured and Unstructured Data, IOT Data Streams, Data Warehouses, Data Lakes, Data Streams, Document Data, and Columnar Data. Your business created it, worked for it, bought it, and earned it. The sources, formats, size, and complexity can grow exponentially, but the core principals remain the same: Quality, Traceability, Modularity, Adaptability. 

From high volume communication streams and switch data mediation to complex and changing asset portfolios and granular transaction data, dbSeer has you covered. Our team of data architects designs and deploys the right pipelines, stores, and ETL strategies to make your critical data work together, and work for you.

Data Platform Design and Delivery

Each project brings its own set of challenges, and we consider each challenge from the ground up, bringing depth of experience and a broad base of successful implementations across industries and lines of business. Today’s data architecture benefits from many new tools and structures for handling data streams, data lakes, and data warehouses, and other data stores. ETL and integration strategies can be re-designed for efficiency and precision. dbSeer engages with you at every key level, helping you implement best practices when it comes to data platform design, engineering, and delivery. If you’re thinking about how to manage and deliver the right data to the right people, applications, and machines, or if you need to leverage AWS cloud services like relational, serverless high transaction relational, key-value, in memory, document, graph, or other data stores, talk to us! We’ll start with your data. We love to talk data, we love to think big, and most of all we love to see our clients moving their infrastructure to the next level and we love to help get you there.
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Take a fresh look at your application stacks. Are you getting full value from your database licenses?
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AWS Redshift

PowerBI, Quicksight, Logi, Tableau, and all your reporting and data visualization depend on bringing data together on a strong architectural foundation.
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