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dbSeer Delivers Advanced Data
Integration Platform to Authority
Brands for Superior Business
Authority Brands approached dbSeer to integrate CallCap’s data with other richer data sets to deliversuperior…
Cloud Migration Civil Engineering
dbSeer Migrates 2Markets’ Microsoft SQL Server to the AWS Cloud
2Markets had four requirements going into this project: easy scalability, increased storage capacity, improved security,…
TOMIA Migrates Its Telecom Customer to Amazon Web Services in Partnership with dbSeer
TOMIA, a leading provider of transformative connectivity solutions, needed to resolve their performance issues, gain the…
dbSeer Migrates Telarix Microsoft SQL Server to AWS: Increasing Reliability, Availability, and Scalability
dbSeer’s customer, Telarix, wanted to increase their productivity and quality by moving to an environment…
Democratizing Data to Drive Optimal Business Decisions: dbSeer Builds a Cloud-Based Consolidated Data Platform for Abt Associates
dbSeer architected and implemented a consolidated data platform on the AWS cloud for Abt Associates…
dbSeer Migrates Subject7 to Amazon RDS: Enhancing Scalability, Reliability, and Security & Quickly Reducing Costs by 45%
dbSeer demonstrated that by moving Subject7 to Amazon RDS from PostgreSQL and creating a new…
Delivering on the AWS Promise: 60 Times Faster at 10% of the Cost
dbSeer showcased that by re-architecting client’s data processing engine and leveraging AWS elastic services and…

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