Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows

dbSeer helps AWS customers using Microsoft Windows to get the most value out of their platform. dbSeer has a well-defined and proven process for designing, migrating, managing, and deploying their customer’s Microsoft Windows environment on the AWS Cloud. Each project is tailored to fit the customer’s needs, whether it’s migrating their data platform to Windows EC2s or building an analytical platform from the ground-up on their Windows instances. With a strong team of AWS and Microsoft certified engineers, we guarantee that your project will be implemented successfully.

Featured Amazon EC2 for Windows Server Customers

Subject 7 created a no-coding, cloud based automated testing solution for web and mobile applications. We migrated their platforms to AWS and reduced their costs by nearly 45%. Read more about the project in this case study.

Telarix is the market leader in telecom interconnect business optimization. dbSeer re-architected their event processing engine using AWS elastic services, leading to 60x faster processing for customer reporting and a 90% cost reduction. See the details in this case study.

About our Amazon EC2 for Windows Server Practice

Expertise with AWS and Microsoft

dbSeer’s expertise with AWS and core Microsoft technologies makes us the ideal choice to migrate your business’s workloads to AWS, combining the two best in class technologies. Since its founding, dbSeer has specialized in these two areas. There isn’t a problem we can’t handle and we’ll guide you seamlessly through the design, deployment, and migration process.

Design Unique Solutions

We will work to understand your specific workload requirements to design a highly scalable infrastructure using AWS services. Our cloud experts and certified engineers will work with your team to understand your specific applications or application infrastructure components and create a unique solution tailored for your business.

Certified Engineers

dbSeer has a strong team of certified Microsoft and AWS engineers that have a wealth of experience on this subject matter. They will allow you to combine the capabilities of a Microsoft technology stack with the flexibility and scalability of AWS to improve your performance, increase your operational efficiency, and decrease your costs.

“As an AWS advanced consulting partner, we are proud to support and assist our customer with all their data challenges in the cloud”

Mahyar Ghasemali – Founder of dbSeer

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