Microsoft Dyamics Advanced Reporting

With our proven methodology for analytics, we help you transform your Microsoft Dynamics reporting into a robust reporting platform that meets today’s reporting requirements and offers improved financial analysis.

dbSeer Microsoft Dynamics Advanced Reporting


View financial dashboards and KPIs at-a-glance with the flexibility to create dynamic, real-time reports.


Save with reduced licensing costs, month-to-month package pricing, and the latest, most economical technology and architecture choices.


Get up and running in about a week, including cloud setup, data schema and pipeline configuration, an initial set of pre-built reports, testing, and production deployment.

Industry- Specific

Gain relevant insights into your business with pre-built reports that are easily customizable for your specific department, business, or industry.

dbSeer Financial Reporting Key Features

Key Features

We work with you to understand your specific data and financial reporting platform needs to deliver the following key features in a complete financial reporting platform:

  • Multi-currency support
  • Global account ledger mapping
  • Rule-based accounting period adjustment
  • Rule-based transaction cost/revenue allocation
  • Configurable data integration with operational systems, such as CRM or Marketing, and other external data sources to get a complete picture of your business
  • Support for 100+ pre-built connectors
  • Advanced security to protect sensitive information through advanced machine learning, custom permissions, and encryption
  • Central data repository in the cloud
  • Data quality and validation processes to ensure accuracy and data integrity
  • Automated data monitoring
  • Pre-built financial dashboards, providing relevant financial overviews with customized views for executives and other stakeholders

Industry Specific Pre-Built Reports

We work with you to understand your industry best practices and unique business processes. We provide a package of pre-built report templates for your department, business or industry whether it’s services, manufacturing, or SaaS. You are up and running with actionable, relevant information almost immediately.

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dbSeer Components

Pay only for the components
you need

We offer month-to-month package pricing so you pay as you need with setup, support and monitoring for a nominal fee. As your needs change, our team of experts will help you select and configure the package that optimizes functionality and cost.

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