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We believe in bold visions and baby steps

solving unique analytics, data architecture and design, and data engineering challenges

dbSeer is a new breed of business analytics consulting firm, dedicated to helping our customers take full advantage of their data by transforming it into actionable insight. Leveraging expertise in a variety of data and analytics technologies and by employing our unique analytics framework, we promote an agile approach and project methodology that simplifies each project into a series of short, ROI-justified steps aimed at incrementally reaching the target solution. We match best-of-breed analytics technologies to the needs of our clients to provide the right solution and obtain the best results in the shortest, possible time with the least cost and effort.

Founded in 2013, dbSeer focuses on helping our clients solve their unique analytics, data architecture and design, and data engineering challenges. We recognize that analytics are critical to your business success when properly designed and implemented. As a strategic partner, we work with you to plan, design, develop, and deploy solutions that help you transform data into insight, ultimately improving your business operations.

Strategic partner

As a strategic partner, we take the time to understand your unique needs and work with you to ensure the right data solutions are integrated properly into your business operations, allowing you to gain valuable insight and focus on doing what you do best.

strategic partner in data analytics”

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