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Infrastructure and Migration

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Infrastructure and Migration

Direct cost savings and operational efficiency have brought many IT workloads to cloud infrastructure. ROI is rapid on compute, storage, and networking hardware alone. Bring your data and information structure, your computing and storage workloads to a place where you and your team can create, enhance, secure, and connect your data and computing resources free from the complexity of sunk costs, platform obsolescence, maintenance and step costs.

dbSeer, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, leads and supports our clients on their journey to cloud computing. With experience migrating some of the most challenging data and compute workloads across demanding industries, and our talented and dedicated cross functional teams of system and data architects and engineers, experienced project delivery staff, and full stack developers, we can meet you where you are, and get you here.

EC2 for Microsoft Windows

From core communications to secure web services, in any line of business, chances are Microsoft Windows Server is the operating system handling your demanding enterprise applications.
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AWS Database Migration

Today’s data platform designs should take every data store and database option into account and let the data itself guide decisions.
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