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What brings meaning to data is our ability to see and understand it. Successful strategies depend on more than tools. dbSeer implements tools and platforms, sure, from Quicksight and Logi Analytics to PowerBI, Tableau and Qlik. But more than that, we help our clients implement analytics strategies. We find the questions, and we get the answers with visualizations to drive decisions and actions from the home office to the boardroom. See how line of business applications, ERP systems, machine data, and unstructured data sources can come together to give expression to the realities behind your company’s day to day.

Create common understanding across departments and processes to understand risks, trends and opportunities with the right tools and a partner who understands the job.

Logi Analytics

For 21 years, Logi Analytics has evolved the ultimate embedded analytics platform for enterprise data and applications.
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Power BI

When you choose Power BI for your analytics platform, don’t go it alone! dbSeer’s proven methodology for analytics integration and delivery helps you…
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AWS Quicksight

A business analytics platform born in the cloud, Quicksight provides unique and powerful features for visualizing data from databases, data streams, data warehouses, and data lakes…
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AWS Machine Learning

To start your machine learning journey, look to dbSeer to help you build, train, and deploy models on the best infrastructure with the best tools.
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