Modernize Data and Analytics to Gain Actionable Insights

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dbSeer can properly design your Amazon Redshift data warehouse to maximize utility and minimize costs.

In order to run effective analytics on big data (data that runs into the petabyte scale), a strong architectural foundation is necessary. dbSeer has extensive experience building this architecture, allowing your company to get the most out of its platform.

With Amazon Redshift, you can analyze all your data using standard SQL and your existing business intelligence tools, such as GoodData, PowerBI, Logi Analytics, Arcadia Data, Qlik, or Tableau.

Moving Away from Limited Capabilities
Make the most of your data by moving away from the limited capabilities of legacy data warehousing systems.

Migrating to Amazon Redshift modern data architecture accelerates the modernization of your approach to data and analytics by enabling you to query and analyze all data. Increase flexibility with on-demand scalability and improve price performance by up to 3x that of other cloud data warehouses.

You can also optimize the user experience with easy setup and deployment, automated performance tuning, and built-in security and compliance.


Adopt and Deploy
Deploy a new data warehouse in minutes and load your data from cloud or on-premises sources.

Analyze all Data
Full Amazon Redshift data lake integration enables you to use real-time analytics and AI/ML use cases without re-architecture.

Query Faster
Gain deeper insights from valuable data, no matter how performance-intensive the workload may be.

Plan and Execute an Amazon Redshift migration
In recent years, organizations in nearly every industry have accumulated increasing amounts of data generated by different sources, such as Internet of Things (IoT), smart devices, cloud applications, and social media platforms. Using traditional data warehouse systems limits the ability to analyze this data, since it is stored across multiple, siloed systems. As a result, organizations are not able to identify actionable insights and are missing out on new opportunities. To get the most from your data, your organization should consider modernizing your data and analytics by working with AWS Partners to successfully migrate to Amazon Redshift Modern Data Architecture. Adopting this versatile solution can help improve price performance by up to 3x more than other cloud data warehouses, increase flexibility with on-demand scalability, and boost productivity by analyzing data.

Accelerate time-to-insight
Take advantage of the wide range of sophisticated data analytics capabilities available in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. Engage with AWS Partners to develop and implement a solution that best fits your organization’s data analytics needs and learn how Amazon Redshift optimizes the user experience with automated performance tuning. Utilize AWS Lake Formation to streamline the setup and management of scalable data lakes built in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and increase flexibility with 5 storage tiers. Discover why Amazon S3 optimizes data lake storage with high availability, robust security and compliance, and audit capabilities that include object-level auditing and access control. Ultimately, adopting this solution as part of a modern data architecture enables you to identify and capitalize on potential new business opportunities.

Learn more about modernizing data analytics with Amazon Redshift Modern Data Architecture.
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