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Automate Your Customer Loyalty: How to Leverage AI for Your Business

While businesses may feel that using AI to interact with real-live customers may disconnect them from a loyal customer base: the opposite is in fact true. AI augments the work done by customer service professionals further encouraging positive interactions between the business and current, and future, customers.

The 2023 State of AI Survey revealed some powerful statistics: 79% of customer service professionals view AI as a core part of their overall strategy, and 62% of those polled agreed that AI helped them interact with customers in a more effective and better way.

When businesses begin to dive into their AI journey, it may be overwhelming to know where to start or how it can help their business to go to the next level. In this blog, dbSeer provides a few examples on where you might want to start for your business, and why.

Leverage Training

AI can be your customer, and your employee can practice pitching their calls until they’re perfect. AI-simulated customer experiences can provide valuable training for employees that will serve them in real time. Conversational AI is able to provide context in which the customer service personnel can practice and get experience finding solutions. AI solutions are also able to provide ideas and automated scripts for agents to use if they need them. In certain cases, using AI for training reduced onboarding time by 30%.

Personalized Recommendations for the Employees & Customers

AI models have been built to provide “next steps” for agents that are engaging with customers in real time. This helps streamline the process and create an efficient exchange with customer engagement. On the employee side, personalized recommendations will continue on-the-job learning and efficiency to handle issues.

For customers, AI can learn from past histories, and generate personalized recommendations based on what the customer is requesting. Further encouraging a personalized experience in engaging with a business. 

Chatbots and Virtual Agents

AI can directly engage with the customers and interact back and forth in real time. Basic requests that make up 70-80% of the calls or messages for customer representative personnel can now be quickly answered with AI, this frees up time for the employees to focus their energy on more complicated customer questions, thereby better serving your business. AI can go even further with sentiment analysis able to detect a caller’s mood and ensure customer satisfaction. 

dbSeer’s Success with AI

At dbSeer, we’ve worked with clients to show them the power of AI for their customer service. In a recent project with our client, a Consumer-facing (B2C), we looked at their needs and assessed that managing Google Reviews was a place that could be automated for their company. Managing a growing number of reviews can be an overwhelming task for businesses. And yet, businesses that respond to just a single customer review earn 4% more revenue on average, making it a clear priority for return on investment.

In this specific case, our team at dbSeer successfully processed around 500 Google reviews, gaining valuable insights to help move our client forward. For example, for one of the comments, our AI model discerned that a review was made during a particularly cold November. This insight allowed us to craft a response that demonstrated our commitment to customer satisfaction during this season: truly providing a very personalized response to a cherished customer.

Going Above and Beyond with AI

This is the new way to work: your company will hit next level success by implementing the power of automation and artificial intelligence. One company reported cutting 36 seconds off an average call with AI- just by ensuring calls went to the right department. This simple decision multiplied their productivity to thousands of calls per year. Nearly two-thirds of business owners believe AI will improve customer relationships: start using AI today to engage with your customers. dbSeer can help your company navigate the world of AI, reach out to dbSeer with an inquiry today.

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