dbSeer Delivers Scalable Solutions to Petvisor

At a Glance

The Customer

Petvisor, a firm delivering mobile-based technologies to pet-care professionals.

The Opportunity

Consolidating 1,000+ properties and streamlining the customer’s data sources, all while delivering scalable solutions with extendable architecture.

The Solutions

dbSeer used the latest technologies to deliver on the issues at hand, creating customizable solutions for the customer.

The Results

  • The customer saved weeks of time with automated solutions.
  • The customer streamlined their data warehouse architecture.
  • The customer has secure and personalized reports for their business.

The Customer

The customer, Petvisor, delivers a range of mobile-based technologies to various pet-care professionals to meet their needs. The company serves over 10,000 veterinary clinics, 400+ grooming facilities, and 20 million individual pet owners. Petvisor hired dbSeer to help seamlessly present their web analytics data.

The Opportunity

When dbSeer initially started to work with Petvisor, the customer had nearly a thousand properties to track, hoping to do so in a consolidated manner. Their existing system relied on a dispersed set of technologies and various data sources. dbSeer was tasked with developing a scalable solution that could integrate all this information and allow for the addition of future properties in a seamless manner. The customer wanted extendable architecture that could be built upon in the future.

The dbSeer team fully addressed these needs with the various solutions provided to the customer.

The Solutions

dbSeer used the latest technologies to ensure a cutting-edge approach to the problem at hand.

The customer requested that dbSeer evaluate the different choices for ETL. Based on previous experience, dbSeer reviewed and chose the appropriate tools that would perform best for Petvisor’s needs.

With this in mind, dbSeer used Airbyte and Airflow as the single point for retrieving Google data. Initially, the customer had several sources: including Google Ads, Google Search Console, etc. to pull specific information from Google databases. dbSeer integrated a hybrid approach, simultaneously integrating data from SharePoint as well as using custom solutions through Airflow.

dbSeer also answered the customer’s request for streamlining and automating their operations. To address the frequent addition and removal of properties, dbSeer directly retrieved the data from Google sources, pulling active connections and properties every day. This ensures that each run uses the most recent data sources, keeping the system up to date.

dbSeer also had to address the customer’s request of having a historical backfill of data spanning over two years. The time required to load large amounts of data was a challenge. dbSeer approached this with a chunking strategy to manage this more efficiently. This divided the larger datasets into smaller pieces. This approach improves performance and efficiency when dealing with significant amounts of data. The dashboard running these queries performed extremely well, despite the volume of data.

The Results

According to Mikhail Opletayev, the CTO of Petvisor, “I loved working with dbSeer. Not only did dbSeer jump in and solve the problem, they worked closely with my team to make sure the solution is robust and scalable. Highly recommend dbSeer as a vendor!”

As a result of dbSeer’s thoughtfully designed engineered work for the customer, the following results were obtained:

  • The customer has saved weeks’ worth of time with automation.
    • Tracking: Previously when the customer had to track a new property, they had to manually add the name, property ID and other details. dbSeer fully automated this process. The system now dynamically reads the properties and stores everything in their database.
    • Onboarding: Previously, the customer’s approach was designed for a single solution. The data had to be replicated and cubes had to be recreated for each website, resulting in thousands of data sets they needed to work with. Every website required significant onboarding effort, at minimum a few weeks of time for the employee. dbSeer offered a consolidated solution to eliminate this requirement. New websites are now immediately integrated, and the complicated onboarding process is now automated.
  • The customer streamlined their data warehouse architecture.
    • Snowflake: dbSeer incorporated the use of Snowflake to design tables in a scalable way to support more clients, accounts, and properties for the customer. Historical data is now also stored in Snowflake. Previously, the customer could only access data via Google sheets (data used within 90 days), making older data unavailable to them, making them lose access to critical information for their business.
  • The customer now has secure and personalized reports for their business and customers.
    • Tableau: dbSeer moved reports from Google Looker to Tableau. This transition gives the customer access to more personalized reports into their data. Reports provide KPIs, key historical metrics, and additional details that provide big-picture status reports of their business. These reports are also incredibly secure. The customer therefore can now share these customizable and secure reports with their clients, making their work reach next level success.

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