dbSeer’s Advanced Data Transformation Platform Delivers Sophisticated Reporting & Analysis

Advanced Data Transformation Platform for Sophisticated Reporting & Analysis

One of the Company’s high-profile clients requested valuation reports in a standardized, digitized format. Further, the client wanted a report that included a subset of specific data points, consumable by their own data systems. Previously, the client had to review summarized PDF reports, identify specific key data of interest, map data for use in their own databases, manually enter that data into their systems, and then perform data validation. This manual data extraction and entry process was time-consuming and potentially error-prone.

The Company’s immediate goal was to deliver a solution that met the client’s specific needs. At the same time, the Company wanted to build a data warehouse to consolidate data, enabling a repeatable process to provide the same value in the future to other clients. The solution would support additional analytics (such as trending analysis, competitive information, and so on) possibly required by clients in the future. The solution would also need to provide a way to review reports and check for errors more efficiently.

dbSeer designed a secure, cost-effective data transformation platform to meet the Company’s needs.
Providing an efficient way to extract market data analytics, the solution improves both efficiency and
quality of market data used to support valuations. It also provides a competitive source of proprietary
market data, which someday could be monetized.

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