Demystifying Data Governance: A Four-Part Series

Demystifying Data Governance: A Four-Part Series

Demystifying Data Governance: In our four-part series, we’ll explain the different components to carry out an effective data governance policy and how dbSeer can help further level up your business. We’ll walk you through the processes and tasks that will need to be done, the people and data culture you’ll need to build, and finally, the policies you’ll need to ensure your data is properly managed.

Part I: What is Data Governance?

Organizations handle data every single day: collecting and managing information to keep inventories stocked, track customer feedback and adequately respond to industry needs. It’s clear that the use of data is endless with possibilities. And yet, most don’t have an efficient data governance strategy in place. Understanding the importance of data governance starts with defining it. 

Defining Data Governance

Data governance is the game plan businesses develop to understand how best to acquire, make use of and properly discard their data. While businesses may turn to external standards to guide their overarching strategy, it’s important that, internally, their data governance strategy goes well beyond these initial guiding principles. This will ensure that a comprehensive approach to properly manage data is built.

A proper data governance strategy can not only secure your data, but it can make sure that your data remains private, accurate, and accessible for employees and clients alike. It simultaneously protects and empowers your data.  

You Should Care about Data Governance

As companies move into a new generation of work, primarily relying on technology to optimize results, data becomes the most critical part of an organization. Every company deals with data- but not every company does so in an adequate fashion.

Properly managing data is a game changer for employees in terms of time and efficiency. If data is managed methodically, decisions will be made effortlessly. If there are increased obstacles in place for employees to access data, it makes the day-to-day move slower. With a data strategy in place, your customers will feel the difference. This difference directly impacts profit for the company.

Additionally, if a proper strategy is in place and employees are granted adequate access to company data, this further fosters trust between employer and employee. Democratizing data in a business clearly reflects transparency among peers. This increased transparency helps build a constructive work environment that encourages employee productivity.

Finally, customers can feel relieved working with you if you ensure that you have a proper data governance strategy in place. It reflects that you’ve prioritized managing their data in a secure fashion. In addition to secure data, it ensures them access to high quality data, and higher quality results. This optimization of data can only be achieved with a proper strategy in place.

Avoiding Chaos

As new tools are introduced, and additional data gets added to your business having a flexible data governance strategy is key. 

A good data governance strategy helps avoid chaos as your business acquires more and more data. Unfortunately, following the life cycle of data- it’s a never-ending process: acquiring, using, and disposing of data. But, fortunately, having a proper data governance strategy in place helps overcome these obstacles.

Choose dbSeer to Build Your Data Governance Strategy

Data governance is clearly not a one-size-fits all solution. Each business must tailor their strategy to their data needs and priorities. As will be laid out in this four-part series, guiding principles can be administered universally- but a strategy is something a business must take the time to reflect and build. dbSeer can help you do that.  

dbSeer is a leading business analytic consulting firm that specializes in analytics, data engineering, infrastructure, and migration. dbSeer has served as a strategic partner for many businesses in building out their respective data strategies.

dbSeer becomes part of your team and is there to improve your business, working from point A to point Z to achieve proper results. We provide beneficial recommendations to achieve short, medium and long terms goals with regard to your organization’s data management.

Building out your data governance strategy isn’t where we stop. Once complete, and the system in place, we give you up-to-the-minute analytics and reports for you to see the return on investment for the health of your organization.

In today’s world, data is a superpower. And yet, it’s not worth anything if you don’t learn to understand it. Place an inquiry today to see if dbSeer is right for your business, and most importantly: your data.  

Make sure you tune in to our next Demystifying Data Governance blog post explaining the process you can take to assure the proper steps are taken to have an efficient data governance strategy in place.

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