AWS Quicksight

Create New Revenue Streams Using Embedded Analytics with AWS QuickSight

AWS QuickSight

Create New Revenue Streams Using Embedded Analytics with AWS QuickSight

dbSeer brings together the knowledge and experience to make your goals for business intelligence and analytics in the cloud a reality with AWS QuickSight.

Enable deeper data insights Enable users to author, publish, and share their own dashboards and reports to get the answers they need to specific questions.

Easy to manage Amazon QuickSight’s serverless architecture and APIs enable programmatic management of analytics workflows.

1-click embedding Seamlessly embed rich, interactive dashboards in applications and portals without needing to call embedding APIs.

Unlock the value of deeper, actionable data insights 

Organizations are constantly seeking solutions that will deliver actionable application data insights more quickly. Yet, many do not have the time or resources to develop a solution, that scales quickly and easily on their own. In addition, even organizations who are able to create their own service are often challenged by how long it can take to prepare data for analytics. Overcome these obstacles by working with AWS Partners to develop and implement an Amazon QuickSight Embedded Analytics solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing applications and web portals, provides visibility into previously hidden data, and simplifies the analysis process using interactive visualizations and dashboards.

Uncover valuable data insights and tap into new opportunities

Amazon QuickSight makes it quick and easy

Embed interactive dashboards and visualizations into your applications, without having to build your own analytics capabilities.

dbSeer will:

  • Design and implement solutions that seamlessly blend analytics into existing applications. 
  • Use your brand and themes for a consistent, personalized customer experience
  • Uncover new opportunities to monetize your data
  • Help unlock new insights directly within your applications


Amazon QuickSight Embedded Analytics Learn how dbSeer can easily embed analytics into your dashboard for deeper insights.

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