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The Top 4 AWS Database Migration Pitfalls

The benefits of the cloud, such as elasticity and costs savings, are well understood. What isn’t well understood is the specific pathway required to realize these benefits. Too often, organizations simply copy and move their on-prem solution to AWS. While this “lift and shift” approach indeed translates costs from capital to operating expenses, in most cases, it leaves behind much of the reduced costs and additional benefits. Pure lift and shift enables you to benefit from operational expenses, rather than making large, upfront investments in capital expenditures. However, in order to fully realize all of the possible potential advantages, most organizations will need to reevaluate their architecture. Changes are required in order to fully benefit from the elasticity of AWS, and reduced costs by eliminating unnecessary licensing expenses through shifting to open source services. The structure of paying only for the capacity that you use has the potential to dramatically reduce costs for many organizations. The elasticity provided by AWS is simply impossible to achieve with on-prem computing. Additionally, for mission critical applications, re-architecture and AWS migration can lower costs for redundancy and high availability.

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