We are excited to announce our sponsorship of a local cricket team, the Stormers. Our very own dbSeer team member, Nanda Kumar, is not only an avid player, but is team captain.


The team formed in the Fall of 2012 and plays two seasons per year, in the Spring and the Fall. The Stormers are part of the Loudoun County Cricket League (LCCL)  http://cricclubs.com/vlccl as well as the Potomac Cricket League (PCL)  http://cricclubs.com/PCL, both hard tennis ball cricket leagues near Leesburg, VA.

It’s fun for us to follow the team as they play throughout the year and help to bring more fans locally to experience the sport of cricket, and we wish them luck on a successful season. You can check out the league web pages to find out current game schedules.  Come on out and watch the Stormers play!

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