Visit dbSeer at 2018 Logi Conference’s Ninja Bar

dbSeer is proud to attend the 2018 Logi Conference. We have partnered with Logi to have two of our own staff members available for you at the Ninja Bar. The Logi Conference for 2018 takes place May 8th and 9th, 2018 at the Ronald Reagan Building in the heart of Washington, D.C.. This year’s conference does not have a booth structure, so our dbSeer representatives have partnered with Logi to be on hand at the Ninja Bar.

Come up to the Ninja bar to learn more about enhancing your Logi experience–including trouble shooting questions you may have. Chat it up with our team on anything analytics and data visualization. We can also showcase examples of our solution in action throughout the conference. See how you can derive maximum value from LogiAnalytics’ platform through our integration.

See you at the Ninja Bar–or Sumo wrestling ring–on the 8th and 9th of May. For some lighter reading on data analytics and storytelling, read this recent post by our team, Thoughts on BI and Analytics as Storytelling.

dbSeer is a new breed of business analytics consulting firm, dedicated to helping our customers take full advantage of their data by transforming it into actionable insight. We leverage the power of advanced visualizations. Rich data visualizations expose patterns and trends in your data, enabling stakeholders to more readily understand and recognize events to take appropriate actions. We have extensive experience and deep knowledge of premier reporting and analytics software packages. We know their suitability for different use cases. One of the commercial and open source technologies we most frequently use is Logi Analytics.

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