Hey there! This summer, dbSeer has been keeping pretty busy. We completed a database migration project with one of our customers, Subject7, and then turned it into a case study to share with our great supporters like you.

In the project, our certified AWS architects (and all-around awesome people) designed a new network architecture from the ground-up and moved 50 database instances to Amazon RDS. They did all this while still reducing Subect7’s costs by 45%. If that’s not amazing, tell me what is…I’m waiting.

We know you want to learn more, so you can see the full case study here.


If you’re short on time, check out below to see the project at a glance:

Who was the client?

Subject7, who created a no-coding, cloud-based automated testing solution for web and mobile applications.

What was the opportunity?

Subject 7 sought to enhance their back-end architecture with the most optimal resource allocation to prepare for future expansion.

What was dbSeer’s solution?

dbSeer designed a new network architecture from the ground-up, which included moving to Amazon RDS. Once on AWS, dbSeer found the most optimal resource allocation.

What were the results?

dbSeer migrated nearly 50 database instances to RDS with minimum downtime. Subject 7 is now able to scale the back-end server to any size without impact to users. AWS costs decreased by nearly 45% and Subjet7 achieved a positive ROI in only 2 months.


If you’re interested in learning more, or have specific questions, or just want to say hi, we always love connecting with our readers. Don’t hesitate to reach out, which you can do here.

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